Kabuki Makeup Brush

Flat Top Brush With Case

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Dive into the world of flawless makeup with our exquisite collection of Kiss New York Professional brushes, vegan and thoughtfully crafted with super soft, plush bristles to enhance every step of your makeup routine by seamlessly blending your favorite beauty products. This collection features a kabuki brush for face and body makeup and four dual-ended brushes for applying powder eyeshadow, cream and powder formulas for concealer, blush, bronzer, foundation and setting powder.

  • Dense, soft bristles perfect for applying gel, cream or liquid products on face or body 
  • Flat top brush for even, streak-free application; use tapered, narrow edges for precise application like applying highlighter to collar bones
  • Includes travel-friendly protective case for sanitary storage and preserves brush shape 
  • Vegan, synthetic bristles minimize the absorption of makeup, so you end up using less product!


Clean brushes provide the best makeup application!

Care Instructions: 

  • Cleanse brush with instant brush cleaner after each use
  • Washing the brush at least once a week with brush shampoo or gentle cleanser is highly recommended
  • Avoid submerging or washing brush with bristles pointing up under running water
  • Lay brush flat and let it completely air dry before storing away